About Me


Kristine Milewski, is a member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and CEO of Believe In You, LLC.  She comes from a background in accounting and finance and it was her journey with chronic health issues and overcoming emotional trauma that motivated her to become a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Throughout her life, Kristine managed to flourish despite chronic health issues and one obstacle after another.  It was her willingness to grow in unfavorable soil that she found to have balance within her family, career and social life.  During her journey, she found inner-peace while drawing, journaling and  photographing the divine in nature.  This empowered her to remain strong, active and joyful. 


Kristine loves spending time with her husband and their furry four-legged friends.  And finds peace connecting to the divine by spending time in nature, by water, hiking or swimming. 

In her words “I believe everyone is meant to live with health and happiness - even those with chronic health issues. With the right treatment plan, guidance, and a gentle self-care regime, we can become empowered to live, love, and enjoy more health and well-being every day.”